Behind-the-ear hearing aids (BTE)

For BTE devices, the sound is added above the ear with the microphone, amplified and re-emitted by an ear-mould. Through a custom-manufactured ear-mould or a micro tube (open fitting system) the increased sound is led to the eardrum.
The hearing aid sits behind the ear and can vary in shape, size, varying controls (volume control, program selection switch, on / off switch), sound quality and strength.









In-ear (ITE)

For ITE hearing aids, the entire electronics are integrated into a bowl to be made according to individual ear canal impression.
It is always personally built for your needs.
The sound is recorded with the ear where the microphone sits in front of the eardrum with the handset then discharged.
All the leading manufacturers offer their digital technology also as ITE.








Behind the ear devices with external listeners

A mixture of BTE and ITE. The microphone and the device technology sit behind the ear, the listener is positioned in the ear. Cosmetically and technically a perfect solution if the hearing loss does not permit the open fitting system.








for mild and severe hearing loss for significant hearing loss

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